How to Cancel AT&T Internet

Updated: Jan 12

Canceling your AT&T internet can seem like a hassle, especially if it’s bundled in with other services like cable and/or landline. Whether you’re moving to a new location or only looking to save money, this is what you need to know before canceling your internet service with AT&T.

  1. When to Cancel Your Service

  2. Termination Fees

  3. Steps for Cancelling

When to Cancel Your Service

As of January 14th, 2019, AT&T changed its billing policy so that all payments for service were collected a month in advance. This means that for folks canceling in the middle of their billing cycle, they would still get charged for the remaining weeks of the month. For example, if you canceled one day after your billing date, you would have to pay for the rest of that month.

This means that the best time to cancel is right before your next billing cycle date. Your billing cycle date is not necessarily the beginning of each month. Your bill should contain this date, so be aware of it.

Termination Fees

Depending on your contract, you may have early termination fees if you try to cancel. That can be a big bummer. Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to avoid this fee. It boils down to a simple math problem. If it's cheaper to keep your service for the length of the contract, do that. Otherwise, pay the termination fee.

If you have time, you can try to avoid the termination fee by being persistent with AT&T customer support. Keep calling and making your case, and with a little luck, you might be able to avoid the fee.

Lastly, some state laws protect consumers against termination fees, so be aware that you may be able to avoid the fee depending on where you live.

Steps to Cancelling Service

Step 1: Collect Your Account Information

You will need your account information handy in order to cancel your service.

You will also need this information in the case that you have a landline number you want to move to a Call Forwarding Service.

This information you will need is:

  • Your Account Number

  • Your PIN Number

  • Account Holders Full Name

  • Residential/Business Address

Step 2: Get Your Story Straight

AT&T doesn’t want you to cancel, and they will make every attempt to keep you from doing it. Your best defense against their tactics is a firm story. We recommend saying you’re moving to a new location that is not covered by AT&T.

We also recommend taking a look at your terms of service. It’s a lengthy document, but it will provide more clarity on your rights.

Step 3. Chat, Call or Visit a Store in that order

The fastest method to cancel your service is using the chat available on the AT&T website. We recommend asking that a representative call you from the chat. You can also call the AT&T cancellation number at (800) 288-2020.

As a last resort, you could visit a retail location and talk to a representative face to face.

Parting Words

There are many reasons to cancel service with AT&T - the service is slow, you want to try a streaming service, or you found a better deal. All of these reasons are valid.

We hope this guide makes the cancellation process a little less of a headache.