What Happens When You Text a Landline?

If you are a business owner with a landline or if you are an individual who owns a home phone, there is a possibility that you might have a lot of “unread” or, let’s say, “unheard” text messages on your landline.

How does texting a landline work?

If your landline texting is enabled, the following will occur:

  1. The sender composes the intended message into their cell phone message app like normal phone texting.

  2. Then they include your landline’s 10-digit number and send the message.

  3. On your end, your Landline notifies you of an incoming new message.

  4. When you receive the message, the message is “read” out to you as an audio message.”

Replying to a message via your landline phone

Two things happen when a person texts a landline and the message gets delivered. First, the message can either be received or sent to an answering machine.

If your landline can receive the text, you can reply to that message by sending a voicemail. When the voicemail gets delivered to you, you will receive a number to call to listen to your reply.

Texting Multiple Landline Numbers

Another question that you might want to ask is to text more than one Landline number at once.

Just like you send a text message to multiple mobile numbers, you can also text multiple landlines at once.

This all sound cool, and you can’t wait to start receiving text messages via your landline.

Of course!

But you need to note that before you can enjoy this telecommunication feature(s), you have to confirm that your landline can receive text messages.

If your landline doesn’t have the necessary software to receive text messages, then any messages sent to your landline will not be delivered to you.

Setting up Text Messaging on Your Landline

The easiest way to set up text messaging on your landline is to call your current provider and ask them their options. Most landlines don't come with built-in texting features.

Suppose you don't want to deal with the hassle of your current provider. You can also port your number to NumberDock, where we offer text messaging features included for free with every plan.