NumberDock vs. NumberBarn: The best number porting service

Updated: Jan 31

NumberDock and Numberbarn are two of the most popular services for porting and keeping a telephone or landline number. However, each one offers different advantages and disadvantages. This article will compare the two services and hopefully help you decide on one.

One point we should clear up first is that NumberDock specializes in saving and forwarding landline numbers, while NumberBarn is a larger marketplace that offers this service along with many others. This article will focus on the service that allows folks to keep their home or business landline numbers.

What we will compare:

  • Features

  • Pricing

  • Ease of Use

  • Customer Support


Both NumberDock and Numberbarn offer Call Forwarding and Number Parking services. These services are used by folks who want to keep a landline or business number they’ve had for years.

Number Parking

Number parking is when you simply need a place to store your number. NumberDock and NumberBarn both let you play a recording to anyone who calls your number while it’s parked. However, only NumberDock offers optional email or text notifications to alert you of an inbound call.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is when you store your landline number digitally and then forward all inbound calls to an existing cell phone number. It’s just like Number Parking, except you continue receiving calls because they are forwarded to your existing cell phone number. NumberDock and NumberBarn both have plans for this option. However, only NumberDock lets you forward to multiple numbers.


Pricing for Parking your number is the same for both services. For Call Forwarding, Numberbarn lets you choose between two plans - one with 300 minutes and one with unlimited minutes. Numberdock, on the other hand, offers just one call forwarding plan with unlimited minutes.

NumberDock Pricing

Numberbarn Pricing

Its also worth noting that Numberbarn charges a port out and a port in fee, while NumberDock lets you port your number in and out for no additional charge.

Ease of Use

When it comes to porting, both Numberbarn and NumberDock let you move your number entirely online and ask for the same basic account information. Both services will keep you notified of your port status via email. The one difference is that you can also call NumberDock to get help, while Numberbarn does not offer over the phone support with porting.

Numberbarn also provides an application where you can monitor basic usage information on your landline number. NumberDock doesn’t have an extra login but you can select to receive monthly emails with information like who called your number and how many minutes were used.

Customer Support

Both services offer customer support. However, only NumberDock offers over the phone support from 100% USA-based representatives. If you prefer to talk to a real human being, NumberDock might be a better option. However, both companies do an excellent job of handling customer support requests overall, unlike the major carriers you might currently have.

Choosing the right provider for your number

We recommend taking a look at both options before making your decision, but in the end, both services will give the same basic service for about the same price. If you care about better pricing and customer service then NumberDock might be the right choice. If you need more extensive features, for example, the ability to monitor your calls through an app, then maybe Numberbarn is better for you.