How to Port a Landline Number to Tracfone

Updated: Jan 31

Moving a landline number to a TracPhone shouldn't be complicated. In this blog post, we break down the two easiest ways to get your landline calls to begin ringing on a TracPhone.

When moving a landline to Tracfone, you have two options. You can either port your number directly to Tracfone or you can port your number to a Call Forwarding service and have your landline calls forwarded to your existing Tracfone.

Both options replace your current landline service and let you keep your number.


Option 1. You can port your landline directly to Tracfone and then have them set up your number on a new device or your current device.

  • Keep your number guaranteed.

  • Cost: $25/month

  • Setup: Can take months and usually requires going to a retail store or calling customer support

Option 2: You can port your number to a Call Forwarding service (like NumberDock) and have them forward your number to your existing Tracfone device.

  • Keep your number guaranteed.

  • Cost: $16/month

  • Setup: Fill out our easy and secure porting form, and we port your number for you.

Option 1: Using TracFone

To port your landline number to TracFone, you will need to call their customer support at 1-877-789-3106. Before calling TracFone, make sure you have your account information from your current landline provider ready.

To move your landline number, they will need the following information associated with your landline account:

- Account Number

- PIN Number

- Account Holders Full Name

- Service Address

In some cases, Tracfone may refuse to port your number. If that is the case, you will need to use a Call Forwarding service to keep your landline number.

Option 2: Use a Call Forwarding Service

A Call Forwarding service stores your number virtually and then forwards all incoming calls to an existing cell phone number.

If you're a Tracfone customer, you can port your landline number to a separate Call Forwarding service and then have your landline calls forwarded to your existing Tracfone number.

The best part is that Call Forwarding is much cheaper and easier than porting your landline to a physical Tracfone device. The cost of forwarding your number to your cell phone is less than a traditional wireless plan and getting started is as easy as filling out an online form.

At NumberDock we help thousands of Americans keep the landline number they've had for decades. We offer the cheapest way to keep your number, no contracts or hassle. Learn more about our Call Forwarding and Number Parking plans by visiting our home page.