How to Port a Landline Number to Google Voice in 2021

Updated: Mar 22

The simple 3 step guide with pictures. Updated for 2021

At some point comes the time to move your landline number. Maybe your moving homes, or switching your service provider. Either way, you need a way to keep your number that doesn't rely on your current landline service.

Google Voice lets you do precisely that. When you port a landline number to Google Voice, you can set up call forwarding to forward all inbound calls to your existing cell phone. Once that's done you can cancel your old landline contract without losing your number.

In this article, we'll walk through the three steps to moving your landline number to Google Voice in 2021.

  1. Set up a Google Voice Account

  2. Port your landline number to a "middle carrier."

  3. Port your number from a "middle carrier" to Google Voice

Step 1: Set up a Google Voice Account

Go to and click on "for personal use" to create a Google Voice account.

Click on "skip" when it asks you to get a new number.

You should now see your Google Voice dashboard like this:

Step 2: Port your number to a prepaid or number parking service, aka a "middle carrier".

Google Voice doesn't accept landline ports directly, so you will need to first convert your landline number into a regular one by porting it to a middle carrier. A middle carrier can be a prepaid service or a number parking service.

The goal here is to find a cheap and easy "middle" service that Google Voice will allow you to port your number from. Note that this is required because Google Voice does not allow landline numbers to be ported directly onto their system.

If you prefer to use a prepaid service, you can buy a T-Mobile SIM-card or similar at a retail store. There will be a customer support number on the SIM card to call to begin the porting process to that carrier.

Alternatively, you can port your number to a number parking service for just $2.

Once you've selected a "middle service", you will need to collect the following information from your current landline provider:

- Account Number

- PIN Number

- Account Holders Full Name

- Service Address

Make sure you call your current provider to get this information before canceling. You will need it to port your number.

Once you have this information, you can port your number to a middle carrier.

Step 3: You're finally ready to move your number to Google Voice.

Once your landline number is ported to a middle carrier, go to the Google Voice porting page. It should look like this.

Follow the form, and you will be good to go. Please note that every port can take between 4-5 business days. Google should keep you updated on the status of your landline via email.

Feeling stuck?

This process can be confusing, and if you're stuck, we understand and have been there too. Luckily, we might be able to help. Chat us at the bottom left or send us an email with your issue at, and we'll try to respond within 24 hours.