How to get back my lost number.

You use to have a phone number. When you canceled your service, you lost that number. Now you're wondering if you can get it back.

You use to have a trusty phone number. Everyone knew about it; maybe, even a couple of loved ones remembered it by heart.

As life went on you got separated from your special number. You didn't think much about it at the time, but now you feel the distance. You didn't know what you had until it was gone.

Where did that number go? Can I get it back?

While the men and women who work at NumberDock are full of magical powers, they might not be able to help with getting your number back. However, if there is still hope of retrieving your number, this is how you would go about it.

  • Step 1: Check with your previous provider.

  • Step 2: Port your number to a new provider

  • Step 3: Forward or Park your number

Step 1: Check with your previous provider.

When you cancel or delete service with your provider, your number gets recycled back into their system. Fortunately, many providers allow a small window of time where you can still access your number after canceling your service. If you remember the provider associated with your old number, call them right away.

Even if you have exceeded the window to retrieve your number, your old carrier might still be able to get it for you. In some cases, your number might have already been sold to a new subscriber. If that is the case, your number has unfortunately moved on, and you will have to too :(

Step 2: Port your number to a new carrier.

If your old carrier is able to reactivate your number, you will then want to move it to a new carrier for safekeeping. The process of moving a number between providers is called porting and typically takes 4-5 business days.

To port your number, you will have to reactivate it with your current carrier. You will then need to collect the porting information as follows:

- Account Number

- PIN Number

- Service Address

- Account Holders Name

You will give this information to your new carrier, and they will then use it to port your number to safety successfully.

Step 3: Park or Forward Your Number

If you're rescuing an old number, we highly recommend moving to a service that offers Call Forwarding or Number Parking. That way, you don't need to pay for an expensive cell phone plan to house an old number.

With Call Forwarding, you can have your old cell phone number simplify forward calls to your existing cell phone number!

The heroes at NumberDock can definitely help you with this. To learn more about our Call Forwarding or Parking service, visit our homepage!

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Sophie O'Brien

Customer Success Manager