How much is my phone number worth?

You're thinking about selling your home or business number and want to know how much it's worth - we can help with that.

First, some general advice:

  1. Are there repeating numbers, thousands, or an easy to remember combination? These numbers are unique and tend to command higher prices.

  2. Does the number spell out a word? (Like 1-800-LAWYERS)? These numbers are suitable for businesses and tend to sell for more.

  3. Is your area code valuable? Some area codes are priced higher because most of the numbers for that region have been assigned.

Numbers that don't have a unique area code, an interesting pattern, or spell out a word typically are worth between $10-$20. However, marketplaces exist where you can list your number for any price and see if buyers are interested.

When it comes to pricing, we recommend doing some research on your number, specifically to see if it meets any of the above criteria. By searching similar numbers on common number marketplaces, you can also get a sense of how much your number might be worth.

Lastly, we've built a number pricing estimator that quickly runs a search on your number and returns an estimate of its worth. Feel free to try it below.

If you're struggling to use our price estimator, contact our support here.

How to sell my number?

One of the best ways to see the worth of your number is by trying to sell it. There are many accredited online marketplaces available for this exact purpose. Our recommendation is to try a couple of the websites and see which one gives you the best offer.

To find places to sell your number, type in "best place to sell my number" in Google and click on the first page results.

The selling process for each marketplace will be slightly different, but none should take longer than 15 minutes to list your number.

Once you've listed your number on these marketplaces, wait at least a month before accepting an offer. Often the first couple of offers will be low-balls. If you wait at least a month before selling your number, you'll have enough time to compare a few offers.

Once you find an offer, you're going to need to transfer your number away from your current provider. If your number is a landline, you can learn more about transferring a landline number here.

Oh, and finally...

Good luck!

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