How do I know who is calling me?

Getting calls from an unknown number? Figure out who is calling your telephone without calling them back.

Where are those unknown calls coming from?

Calls from unknown numbers can provoke a range of emotion - from slightly curious to extremely furious. Your first question might be, "how did this caller get my number?". Telemarketers and spammers have tricky ways of getting your number, and once they have it, they will continue to use it until you block them.

Calls from unknown numbers can be dangerous. The following are examples of who it could be:

  • A scammer trying to steal your personal information. Identity theft is more common than you might assume, and costs Americans millions a year in losses. Not knowing who is on the other line can increase the chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.

  • Prank calls. Today people can make calls from unknown numbers - a common tactic used by pranksters to waste your time.

  • Harrassment or a stalker. This is a serious issue and we recommend reporting any harrasement directly to your local police department.

How to Check Who is Calling

We don't recommend calling unknown numbers back. It might be tempting to see who called you, but there are better ways than potentially exposing yourself to a scam.

Step 1: Type the number into the Google Search bar.

There are many services that offer "number lookups", but the best way to see who is calling you is simply by typing it into Google. Chances are Google will give you a more accurate answer and plus its completely free.

Step 2: Check the White Pages website.

The White Pages website will show you more in depth information about who called you. Its a great alternative to Google if your initial search comes up empty.

If you don't recognize who is calling your number, we recommend blocking them immediately. Blocking numbers ensures that one less potential spam won't be able to reach you.

Are unknown calls ringing on a landline?

Landline numbers are more prone to spam calls. It's mostly a matter of these numbers being around longer, which means more time for spammers to get their hands on it. If you're struggling with spam calls, consider moving your number to a service like NumberDock, which blocks them for you free of charge. To learn more about how we help people keep their landline numbers safe, visit our homepage here.

Thanks so much for reading and wgood luck with your research.

Written with ❤️ from NumberDock.