Alternatives to Google Voice for Porting a Landline Number

Updated: Jan 31

Looking for a way to keep your landline number without using Google Voice? You've come to the right place.

In this blog post we will cover the two most popular alternatives to Google Voice for keeping a landline number, as well as three easy steps to port your number without using Google Voice.

  • Option 1: Port your Landline to a Cell Phone

  • Option 2: Use a Call Forwarding Service

Option 1: Port Your Landline to a Cell Phone (~$40 month)

Sometimes you might just want to turn your landline into a standard cell phone.

Most of the major carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint) will let you move your landline number onto a cell phone with their cellular plans.


  • Great if you need your landline number to be on a unique cell phone.

  • Great if you don’t already have a cell phone. You can just make your landline number your cell phone!


  • Expensive, standard cellular plans can range from $30-$70 a month, depending on your usage needs.

  • Difficult to setup. You usually need to visit a retail location.

  • Requires you carry around another cell phone if you already have one.

Best Carriers

  • AT&T Cell Phone Plans

  • T-Mobile. Cell Phone Plans

Option 2: Use a Call Forwarding Service ($5-$16/month)

Google Voice is essentially one of many call forwarding services. Call Forwarding works in two steps:

  • Step 1: your number is stored digitally,

  • Step 2: Anytime someone calls your number, the call will forward to an existing cell phone number.

Call forwarding lets you receive your landline calls right on your existing cell phone, without having to get a new phone or cellular plan. This is the most popular option for keeping a landline number because it’s convenient and cheap.


  • Cheaper than a wireless plan.

  • Easy to setup

  • Does not require a new cell phone - all calls forwarded to your existing cell phone.

  • Transfer your number online in minutes—no visit to the retail store.


  • You can’t make outbound calls from your landline number.

  • Your landline and cell phone voicemail become the same.

Best Carriers:

  • NumberDock

  • NumberBarn

How to Port Your Number to a Call Forwarding Service

We explain how to port your number to a Call Forwarding service in more detail in other blog posts. However, the steps are quite simple and can be summarized as follows:

Step 1: Check if your landline number is eligible

Step 2: Begin the porting process

Step 3: Cancel your current service after your number is successfully ported

At NumberDock, we handle thousands of landline numbers, and nearly every day, we get folks asking us if they can move their number after they already canceled service with their old landline provider. 99% of the time, we cannot help them because their carrier already sold their number to someone else. So our best piece of advice is to make sure to port before you cancel!

To learn more about our Call Forwarding service, and how we can help port your landline number, visit our homepage.