Say Hello to Your Landline Replacement.

  • $15/month. Unlimited Talk & Text.

  • Arrives activated with your landline number.

  • Works like a cell phone. No wires or hassles. 


Charging Dock


Jethro SC490


Transfer from any provider


The Smart Way to Keep Your Number

Keep Your Number

Keep ownership of your number guaranteed. Your phone arrives with your landline number activated on it.

Great Coverage

We use the same towers as the major GSM carriers - ensuring you get great coverage in almost all areas.

No Hassle

No expensive hardware or fiddling with a wifi router. Your phone comes with your landline number already activated on it! 


A Cell Phone that Feels like a Landline

The Jethro SC490 has the convenience of a cell phone and the simplicity of a landline. Covered in all 50 states.


Large Screen

Big Buttons

Charging Dock

Family Portrait

Amy Phillips

When I moved homes I thought I was bound to lose my landline number. Turned out I could keep the number and save money with NumberDock. Thank you!


Mark and Susan


We ended our decade long relationship with Spectrum yesterday, and couldn't be happier we kept our home phone number with Numberdock


Noah Santos

NumberDock took only minutes to setup and saved me hundreds on my landline bill. Great tool and great customer support! 

Happy Customers in Every State


Transfer Your Number Risk-Free

All of our plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, we offer 100% USA-based customer support.