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The Smart Way to Keep Your Number


Dock and Forward

Store your number
for safekeeping 
Forward all inbound calls to any cell phone number

Why NumberDock?

Keep your number without buying a new phone

Dock your number, or forward all inbound calls to the cell phone you already use. 

Simply the smartest way to keep your number.

All-American Service

Cheaper than your current bill

We are proud to offer 100% USA-based customer support. Open 7 days a week via email, and regular business hours for over-the-phone support.

Our industry-leading pricing is designed to maximize your savings. No more overpaying for your landline.

Did you know?

There are over 40 million active landline numbers in the United States. 

Every year thousands of numbers are lost when home and business owners move or switch carriers.

Now you can keep your number with NumberDock.


Two Ways to Keep Your Number



Store your number for safekeeping. Port out or choose to begin Call Forwarding at anytime.

Dock + Call Forwarding


Dock your number and forward all inbound calls to any cell phone number. 


You're moving homes and want to bring your home number with you

Suggested Plan:

  • Number Docking + Call Forwarding

  • Number Docking

You are leaving your 

internet/cable/landline provider, and want to keep your number for less.

Suggested Plan:

  • Number Docking + Call Forwarding 

  • Number Docking

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You want more flexibility with your business or non-profit number.

Suggested Plan:

  • Number Docking + Call Forwarding

Why Keep Your Number?

How Does Call Forwarding Work?


Once your number is docked, you can choose to forward all inbound calls to any cell phone number. 

Spam call protection

Same voicemail as forwarded number

Standard caller ID

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Amy Phillips

Austin,Texas | September 13, 2019

When I moved homes I thought I was bound to lose my landline number. Turned out I could keep the number and save money with NumberDock. Thank you!


Mark and Susan Geating

Medford, Oregon | May 2nd, 2020

We ended our decade long relationship with Spectrum months ago, and couldn't be happier we kept our home phone number with Numberdock


Noah Santos

Derby, Kansas | January 12, 2019

NumberDock took only minutes to setup and saved me hundreds on my landline bill. Great service backed by real people!

Happy Customers in Every State

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns my phone number?

You own it! We simply take care of it for you. We "port in" your number from your current provider and maintain it. Under the FCC’s “local number portability” (LNP) rules, you are legally able to keep your number when you move or change phone companies.

Does my phone need an internet connection to make Call Forwarding work?

Nope. We use the same towers as the existing nationwide carriers, so your landline calls ring exactly the same as your wireless calls.

What if I decide to cancel?

If you no longer wish to use NumberDock, you can cancel at any time. All our plans are no contract and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Does Call Forwarding have any effect on the wireless plan associated with my cell phone

No. Your wireless plan will not be effected by having calls forwarded to your cell phone. 


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